Meet the Board: Tyler by Identities Fashion


There's lit, and then there's light up shoes. TYLER FRANCES '18 of the IDENTITIES Creative Board walks us through his unusual footwear choice and more below. 

What’s your formula for getting dressed in the morning?
Swipe left on my phone to see how cold it’s going to be. It’s a question of “Am I feeling business professional or street style?” on that day. Usually, it’s some combination of the two.

Favorite local clothing stores?
I do love the Tannery. Got my leather pants from there, and they're fantastic. I’m pretty basic, so I also love Zara. The one on Newbury Street is great! 

What is your biggest fashion no-no?
There was a period where I was wearing a lot of neon things when out and about. The neon was a little bit too rave-y. Now, if I’m wearing any sort of color, I wear light up shoes. They're fun, too — you can turn them on and off.

What do you think is the role of IDENTITIES at Harvard?
I think the role of IDENTITIES is to put on a really cool show and through that introduce fashion to people who may not be familiar with it. IDENTITIES also gives an outlet for people who are already interested in fashion, getting together with like-minded people. Plus who doesn’t like putting on a fun event in April?

Favorite style icons or style bloggers?
Chris Preston the stylist. He's this guy in London, and I actually got to meet him this summer! His aesthetic is so minimalist but also very "out there" — It just really captures your attention.

Meet the Board: Birdie by Identities Fashion


Everyone knows three (Board Blog posts) are better than one (especially when you're running a *little* behind schedule). Not necessarily true of personalities: IDENTITIES Publicity/Design co-director BIRDIE PARK '18 certainly has enough spunk and spirit to go around. Read on to hear her take on everything across the style spectrum, from personal fashion fail-safes to favorite figures in the blogosphere.

If you could dress anyone (famous or not so famous), who would it be and what aesthetic would you go for?
I probably wouldn't choose anyone famous because they already dress really well. Someone who I really want to dress would have the following aesthetic: an androgynous look -- perhaps a female with pixie cut hair -- a turtle neck white black striped t-shirt, a leather jacket with fur lining, a modern twist on mom jeans, and then a pair of Rihanna's puma fur slippers, and clear framed glasses. That's the ultimate aesthetic. And I'd like the jeans to be ripped as well.

Go-to outfit when you’re feeling “meh”?
A pair of boyfriend jeans and a black sweater. Also anything that says and gives off “Don’t touch me, don’t even talk to me today” vibe.

How would you describe your style in one word?

What fashion item were you adamantly against and have since warmed up to?
Was I ever against anything though? I've never thought about it... no, I have an answer. Flared jeans.

Favorite style bloggers?
Hands down — Jenn Im, Aimee Song from Songofstyle, Man Repeller, and then also me. *Laughter* Because I’m basic and I follow all the basic people. *More laughter*

Meet the Board: QQ by Identities Fashion


There's Instagram obsessed, and then there's QQ YANG '19. When not sporadically updating this Board Blog series as part of the Publicity/Design Board of IDENTITIES, she can be found scrolling through her feed and drooling over well-composed flatlays. Find our attempt at Instagram intervention (and more) below.

What's your current fashion inspiration?
Everything on the internet. I bookmark my favorite fashion blogs, habitually scroll through my Instagram feed, flip through the New York Times’ gallery of runway photos… and so on. Also, Ikea. No, seriously — lamps look great when styled correctly.

What are your favorite Instagram accounts that you currently follow?
Fashion stylist/photographer/consultant Margaret Zhang of Shine By Three (@margaret__zhang), travel and still life photographer Alice Gao (@alice_gao) and Barney’s digital art director Erica Choi (@eggcanvas).

Tips for Instagram posts?
Think about composition: whether you’re shooting a flatlay or a food pic, the way in which you arrange the objects makes a statement and affects the flow of your feed. Balance large objects with smaller ones scattered around, never position a large object exactly at center and switch up the types of photos you’re posting.

Fill in the blank. On my boldest days, I wear ______.
Sky-high chunky platforms and no bra.

Favorite spot in Harvard Square?
To study? Jenny’s Cafe in the Art Museums. To shop? UO Bargain Basement. To splurge? Aesop.

Meet the Board: Katie by Identities Fashion


IDENTITIES Publicity/Design Board's resident photographer, KATIE BORRAZZO '18, steps in front of the camera to answer a few rapid-fire questions. Get to know our favorite lady behind the lens.

1, 2, 3... What’s your spirit junk food?
“Healthy” popcorn! There’s one at Trader Joe’s called, “Reduced Guilt Popcorn”. I only eat it when I’m really hungry.

Business formal or business casual?
Business casual.

Who are your favorite fashion icons?
Would it be really bad to say Taylor Swift? I really enjoyed her metallic and sequined dress phase.

What's a Harvard trend that really confuses you?
I think wearing too much Harvard apparel really confuses me.

How did you first get into fashion?
I didn’t have cable growing up, but I would watch America’s Next Top Model on obscure channels when I was in the sixth grade. I also subscribed to Teen Vogue, and that was my fashion Bible for a while. I would say there were some major fashion faux pas along the way, because I was trying to implement runway couture into my 12-year old life.

Meet the Board: Sally by Identities Fashion


Marching right into Spring (well, a girl can dream) with SALLY O'KEEFE '20. This IDENTITIES member does justice to the Creative Board name with her quirky personality and fashion sense. Keep calm and march on (and take a read below!). 

If you could dress anyone (famous or not so famous), who would it be and what aesthetic would you go for?
I would dress Amanda Steele. The aesthetic would be sort of edgy—Alexander-Wang inspired. She’s just really cool.

Fashion “guilty pleasure”?
I’m kind of tormented. I would say either wearing all-black, or always wanting to wear my fake A-1s… Yikes! *laughter*

What is your signature fall outfit?
My long Zara blazer, ankle boots or knee-high boots, and a shirt that's probably black.

Favorite style bloggers?
Can I use Amanda Steele again? (Yep.)

What is your favorite piece from what you are wearing right now?
I really like these pants. They’re from Banana Republic, and they're skinny slacks, a bit short on the bottom. I have to get them tailored to fit me. But these pants are seriously life changing!

Meet the Board: Cengiz by Identities Fashion


CENGIZ CEMALOGLU '18 closes out our Board Blog February features. Creative Board member and resident men's fashion guru, Cengiz chats with us about apocalyptic hypotheticals, fashion reversals, and more. Friendly warning: more big words ahead. (We think that's a good thing.)

The world’s ending tomorrow and you have just enough space in your suitcase for one outfit. What items do you choose?
I’ll take multi-functioning boots, comfortable but warm trousers, a durable shirt, a leather jacket, and then maybe a hat. And my evil eye necklace as protection.

What about fashion excites you?
I think fashion is the outward depiction of inner choices and ways of seeing [an individual's] value systems without asking for said value systems.

What role do you think IDENTITIES serves at Harvard?
The goal is to be a celebration and depiction of the plethora identities that Harvard contains and produces. It should be a venue for those multiplicity of identities to interact with fashion.

What fashion item were you adamantly against and have since warmed up to?
Hats. I don’t know what they’re specifically called. The winter hats -- I think they’re called beanies! I used to never wear hats, and now I’m trying them.

What Harvard trend really confuses you?
There are a lot, but I’ll name two of them. Tennis caps in class, and the really baggy suits for men. It looks like they’re wearing their dad’s suits. In 2016, everyone should wear slim fit suits. *laughter*

Meet the Board: Vanessa by Identities Fashion

This week's Board feature is a fun verbal jaunt with VANESSA BOYLE '19, who showcases the spunk and style of the IDENTITIES Social Board. (We'd take sneakers over heels any day, too.)

How would you describe your style?
I would say my style is pretty eclectic — even for this shoot. Whatever I find cute that day, I wear.

Heels or flats?

Fashion “guilty pleasure”?
Sometimes, I love watching fashion hauls on Youtube.  

What about fashion excites you?
I like how fashion allows a person to make a statement about herself without actually having to speak.

Who or what is your current fashion inspo?
Gosh, a fashion inspo? I don’t necessarily look to her for inspiration, but someone whose fashion sense I love is Rihanna.  *Snaps*. Top brand!

Meet the Board: Jenny by Identities Fashion

Jenny Wang

Here at IDENTITIES, we don't just talk about bringing together style and smarts — we live it. Don't believe us? A quick word with Creative Board member JENNY WANG '19 might change your mind. From meeting Diane von Furstenberg to seriously killing the startup game, Jenny's got the double-s on lock. 

How have you engaged with fashion while at Harvard?
I’ve worked at a fashion tech startup, and I love the fashion tech space. I’m really excited about startups and seeing venture capital firms move in that direction — for example, machine learning integrated into the process of looking up fashion trends.

What's your signature fall outfit?
A trench coat, silk scarf, and let’s see... pointy boots!

Tips for a well-liked profile picture?

Best fashion moment?
Meeting Diane Von Furstenberg [at Fashion Tech Forum this past October].

What’s your formula for getting dressed in the morning?
I check the weather, check Pinterest and pair the rest of my outfit to my jacket and shoes.

Meet the Board: Jules by Identities Fashion

A new board every week? Coincidence, we promise. This feature with Finance Board member JULES QIU '19 marks the first installment showcasing a member of IDENTITIES' sophomore class. Read below to find out more about her wide-ranging interests, from British baked goods to classic style icons.

What’s your spirit junk food?
Cannoli! Is that a junk food? Or Digestives [the cookie]. My roommate's dad brings us a whole box of Digestives whenever he comes to Boston from the UK.

Business formal or casual?
Casual. It's says less about the business and more about the person.

Who's your favorite fashion icon?
Coco Chanel. She promoted trousers for women and brought in ideas from men’s riding wear.

How has IDENTITIES impacted your time here?
It's added a fashionable and colorful tinge to my academic career — a sparkle of fashion in my calendar here and there. I also really enjoy our casual board meetings in Tatte.

Who or what first got you interested in fashion?
My mom used to model as a side interest and sometimes designed her own clothes.

What would you wear if you only had five minutes to pick out your outfit?
All black with accessories.

Meet the Board: Tallulah by Identities Fashion


Third interview's the charm, especially when it's with TALLULAH AXINN '18, resident queen of the newly-formed Social Board. Here, she dishes on her serious love of fur and her decision to join IDENTITIES.

What is your favorite piece from what you are wearing right now?
My favorite piece is definitely the fur coat. I love it — it’s so soft and it just makes me feel good.

What brand(s) occupy most of your closet?
I wear a lot of Zara. Pieces that I like buying — not necessarily brand-specific — are coats. That's the item that takes up most my closet.

If you could dress anyone (famous or not so famous), who would it be and what aesthetic would you go for?
I feel like it would be fun to dress non-famous people, because famous people already have their personal stylist. Maybe someone on campus who is wearing their Harvard sweatshirt?... I’d love to take them in. (laughs) Although it depends on the person, I'd like a good fur on them. Everyone just needs one little, fun, textural piece — like color!

The world’s ending tomorrow and you have just enough space in your suitcase for one outfit. What items do you choose (other than fur)?
Tights, because you can roll them up pretty easily. And these shoes because they're waterproof and functional. And my egg backpack! 

How did you decide to become involved with IDENTITIES?
I remember seeing the IDENTITIES webpage when I was a senior in high school. I honestly forgot about it when I got here. Then I saw the application page on the Facebook page, so I applied — and never looked back.

Meet the Board: Vanessa by Identities Fashion


This week's (slightly belated) installment of our Meet the Board series features VANESSA LI '18. One-half of the power duo leading the IDENTITIES Publicity/Design Board, she shares her thoughts on photography, style and everything in between. You can check out a sampling of Vanessa's work on the IDENTITIES Facebook page — stay tuned for a new editorial dropping soon. 

How did you get into photography?
Photography kind of faded into my life. I officially started in college. I really loved film and viewing photographic works. Photography was a great way to explore those interests on the side. Sophomore year, it started to become my life. It is now my life and what I live for it here.

What is that one piece of clothing in your closet you cannot live without?
Birdie [the other Publicity/Design Board director] told me the other day, “You’re so well known for your scarfs.” I only have 5 or 6 scarves in my closet. However, they are one thing that has come to define me and my style, I suppose.

Your favorite photography moment during your time at Harvard?
The first time I can think of is when I was asked to take photos of Conan O’Brien when he came to speak with President Faust. But secretly, it was when, thanks to IDENTITIES, I was able to take headshots of a guy who I secretly had a crush on. He was topless. 

Leather or Print?
Vegan leather or floral prints.

Best coffee spot in the square or on campus?
My heart is forever with the Harvard Art Museums café — it has the best cortado, the sweetest service, beautiful lighting, and good taste. 

Meet the Board: Claudia by Identities Fashion

The holidays are upon us, so naturally, we're ringing in our "Meet the Board" blog series. For each week until our 2017 show, we'll be showcasing individual board members' unique sartorial attitudes. This first installment features Claudia Laurie, Executive Board member and classic design aficionado. Here's what she has to say about her personal style, fashion faux pas, and the IDENTITIES community at Harvard.

What brands occupy most of your closet?
Zara, an Australian brand called Cue, and Karen Millen. This is hard! I’m trying to think of what accurately depicts my closet. I'd say I like to wear Alexander McQueen for special occasions and choose Celine for accessories.

Fill in the blank. On my boldest days, I wear…
Over-the-knee suede heeled boots and a leather skirt.

In your opinion, what's the biggest fashion no-no?
Too many! Canadian tuxedos, denim on denim — and the Adidas slides with socks freak me out.

1, 2, 3... your personal style in one word.

What role do you think IDENTITIES plays in the Harvard community?
I think IDENTITIES is a place where people can explore sides of fashion that are often difficult to explore at school. It helps individuals push the boundaries on who they are creatively, and it brings people together — people from different backgrounds as well as people who might not have been traditionally exposed to fashion.