Meet the Board: Cengiz / by Identities Fashion


CENGIZ CEMALOGLU '18 closes out our Board Blog February features. Creative Board member and resident men's fashion guru, Cengiz chats with us about apocalyptic hypotheticals, fashion reversals, and more. Friendly warning: more big words ahead. (We think that's a good thing.)

The world’s ending tomorrow and you have just enough space in your suitcase for one outfit. What items do you choose?
I’ll take multi-functioning boots, comfortable but warm trousers, a durable shirt, a leather jacket, and then maybe a hat. And my evil eye necklace as protection.

What about fashion excites you?
I think fashion is the outward depiction of inner choices and ways of seeing [an individual's] value systems without asking for said value systems.

What role do you think IDENTITIES serves at Harvard?
The goal is to be a celebration and depiction of the plethora identities that Harvard contains and produces. It should be a venue for those multiplicity of identities to interact with fashion.

What fashion item were you adamantly against and have since warmed up to?
Hats. I don’t know what they’re specifically called. The winter hats -- I think they’re called beanies! I used to never wear hats, and now I’m trying them.

What Harvard trend really confuses you?
There are a lot, but I’ll name two of them. Tennis caps in class, and the really baggy suits for men. It looks like they’re wearing their dad’s suits. In 2016, everyone should wear slim fit suits. *laughter*