Meet the Board: Katie / by Identities Fashion


IDENTITIES Publicity/Design Board's resident photographer, KATIE BORRAZZO '18, steps in front of the camera to answer a few rapid-fire questions. Get to know our favorite lady behind the lens.

1, 2, 3... What’s your spirit junk food?
“Healthy” popcorn! There’s one at Trader Joe’s called, “Reduced Guilt Popcorn”. I only eat it when I’m really hungry.

Business formal or business casual?
Business casual.

Who are your favorite fashion icons?
Would it be really bad to say Taylor Swift? I really enjoyed her metallic and sequined dress phase.

What's a Harvard trend that really confuses you?
I think wearing too much Harvard apparel really confuses me.

How did you first get into fashion?
I didn’t have cable growing up, but I would watch America’s Next Top Model on obscure channels when I was in the sixth grade. I also subscribed to Teen Vogue, and that was my fashion Bible for a while. I would say there were some major fashion faux pas along the way, because I was trying to implement runway couture into my 12-year old life.