Focused on bringing contemporary style to a conservative, academic environment, IDENTITIES Fashion Show at Harvard University offers students unique insight into the fast-paced world of fashion. Our mission goes beyond what we wear: we believe in the ability of fashion as a medium to champion diversity and dialogue. We strive to introduce fashion and its ability to evoke the dynamic trends of today with past modes of art, culture and materiality. We aim to push our audience's perspective on what fashion is and what it represents.

IDENTITIES centers around the Leadership of the Arts Award, presented annually to an active member of the fashion community who, through his or her innovation and ingenuity, has left a significant impact on the way we view clothing. We honor the designer's vision of the way in which our clothes channel and transform individual modes of expression, as well as clothing's contribution to the broader phenomenological understanding that lies beyond the fabric. Notable past recipients include Jen Kao, Anna Sui and Vera Wang.



Our board members come from a variety of cultural and academic backgrounds. We're aspiring neuroscientists and mathematicians, businessmen and women, artists, writers, and photographers all united by a love of fashion. 



IDENTITIES holds an annual fashion show of eponymous name. The entire show is student run — from styling to production to modeling. We pride ourselves on our ability to craft and execute a beautiful, complete aesthetic vision. 

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Every year, our show draws a crowd of over 600 enthusiastic Harvard students. We also garner significant local- and national- attention, ranging from respected names in the media/publication industry to high-profile fashion bloggers. 

In addition to promoting diversity in the student body, IDENTITIES features emerging designers from a variety of different backgrounds, provides a creative outlet for aspiring trendsetters and represents the art form of fashion to the greater Cambridge community.
— Yehong Zhu and Halie LeSavage, HerCampus